Storytree July 2nd 2007

Artist: Jane Ponsford
During the year I have been working on a project, 'Papertrails' looking at
different ways of mark making on the landscape in the Surrey Commons in
Elmbridge. In one of the strands of work I have been collecting stories,
which seem to have a connection to the woods (either these specific woods or
the idea of woods), from Elmbridge people. Some are factual accounts, some
are reminiscences and some are fairy stories. I have then been installing
the stories back into the landscape. This is one of the storytrees. It was
put there in July.



Artist: Eduardo dos Santos Fran├ža
Location: Linhares, Brazil

Erosion(a block of white chalk collected from the foot of Beachy Head used to create a single block of colour left exposed to all elements - Day 250)

Artist: Steve Smith
Location: Kentish Town Road, Camden, London, England