Artist: Mark Salvatus
Location: Seoul, South Korea


Erosion(a block of white chalk collected from the foot of Beachy Head used to create a single block of colour left exposed to all elements - Day 312)

Artist: Steve Smith
Location: Kentish Town Road, Camden, London, England

View from Home - Bird Print

Artist: Jonathan Lockwood
Location: This is the residue (November 2007) from an exhibition I did in June this year on the windows of a recently closed down community video store. For the exhibition I did not have permission, I was surprised the following day to see if the comics (Image 1&2) had survived the elements. I am amazed the smaller flyers are still attached 5 months on. Bird print (Image 2&3): I took these photos on a Sunday (October 2007) when setting up for a exhibition. I heard a loud bang then investigated to find a dead pigeon by the door. Then I found these prints on the windows. The last moment.


Migratory bird, 2007 - 16 October, 17 October, 19 October, 23 October, 24 October, 2 November (from the series "found birds, 2000 to the present")

Artist: Susan Silas
Location: Migratory bird that collided with the Chase Manhattan's building at One Chase Manhattan Plaza on 16 October 2007.


Journey 2

Artist: Brian Holdcroft
Location: Completed one late afternoon the fragile journey extended from a window across the front of a building which is situated in the busy town centre of Stoke-on-Trent.