Paid Bird (29 days later)

Artist: Nicola Zammit
Location: Kiara Park, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Custard Cream Sofa

Artist: Leah Dollimore
Location: Chester City Centre, Cheshire, England



Artist: Nora Adwan
Medium and Location: Glass and porcelain, On the windowsill of a condemed building in Friedrichshein, Berlin, Germany


Artist: Newton Group
Location: Sennen Cove, England, Sunday, April 8th 2007
Medium: Sand and beach drift


Delicate Square

Artist: Julia Bonn
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Medium: Cherry Blossom



Artist: Hayley Harrison
Location: London, England

I hate my job

Artist: Georgina Vinsun

Location: England


Temporary Reality

Artist: Anita Doornhein
Location: Erasmuspark, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Sunrise, 7.08am, 7th April 2007)


Artist: Ruth Schreiber

Location: They are on a table in my studio in Jerusalem. When I remember to water the clay and the seeds, the seeds sprout and the clay stays moist. When I forget, or am away for a few days, the seedlings wither and the clay dries up. Then I try to revive them with more water, with limited success.

Sun Set Figures

Artist: Diana Ali
Location: Blyde River Canyon, South Africa